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Easily accessible via airplane, train, or car, Vacaville is near some of the state’s best attractions. It also boasts a pleasant, Mediterranean climate that makes both outdoor and indoor fun possible year-round. It is a city in Solano County in Northern California. Sitting approximately 35 miles from Sacramento and 55 miles from San Francisco, the city is part of the San Francisco Bay Area but also considered, at least by some agencies, to be part of the Sacramento Valley. As of the 2016 census, Vacaville had a population of 98,303, making it the 3rd largest city in Solano County.

In this city, you can go hiking in the lovely Lagoon Valley, which offers great views of the city and beyond. Also, one of the things to do is to explore the historic downtown Vacaville or find a new favorite vintage at one of the first-class vineyards. Shoppers and diners can choose from hundreds of stores and restaurants, both national chains and locally owned favorites. Treat yourself to vibrant performing and visual arts. You can visit one of Vacaville’s many seasonal farms stands for fresh local goodies – the possibilities are endless in Vacaville!

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