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Drunk Driver Collision Leaves Boy with Serious Injuries

Drunk Driver Collision Leaves Boy with Serious Injuries

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A 12-year-old boy incurred serious, life-threatening injuries on Tuesday afternoon after he was hit in a collision in San Francisco. This is according to San Francisco Police.

It was at 4:44 p.m. exactly when officials sent police officers to Golden Gate Avenue and Leavenworth Street to investigate the accident.

According to San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Robert Rueca, the 29-year-old male driver allegedly was driving under the influence. Consequently, police promptly arrested for this offense. It remains an active investigation and further charges are pending, Rueca indicated.

After arriving on the scene, police discovered that a car had collided with a 12-year-old boy. Officer Joseph Tomlinson reported emergency officials transported the boy to a local hospital. Doctors determined the boys injuries to be life-threatening.

The man responsible for the collision stayed at the accident site and fully cooperated with the police.

The collision occurred in the Tenderloin area of San Francisco, which also happens to be District 6. This location falls under the jurisdiction of Supervisor Matt Haney. He tweeted about the incident calling it a “terrible, terrifying crash.” Fortunately, he relayed the message that the boy’s condition had transitioned from critical to stable.

Recent Push to Solve Problem

Haney recently put forth a resolution to the local board of supervisors, at the behest of a pedestrian advocacy group, Walk SF, to deem a state of emergency for the rise in traffic-related pedestrian deaths. This request hasn’t become official yet, however, Walk SF says many of the Supervisors signed up as sponsors.

As of July, Walk San Francisco had recorded 15 fatal car related incidents involving pedestrians and cyclists in the year 2019 to date. Officials noted that on average 30 people per year die in the city due to these types of accidents.

San Francisco Most Affected by Ride-Sharing Traffic

San Francisco Most Affected by Ride-Sharing Traffic

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA – In a research report that was released on Monday by transportation consultancy Fehr and Peers, ride-sharing companies finally accepted the fact that they contribute significantly to an increase in city-traffic gridlock.

The report, which was actually funded by Uber and Lyft, compared VMT (vehicle miles traveled) by private cars versus TNCs (Transportation Network Company), or ride sharing vehicles. The comparison looked at the cities of Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Basically, the report showed that TNCs, or ride sharing vehicles, ranged from 1-3 percent at the metro level. However, at the city center level their vehicles accounted for 2-13 percent. Essentially, Uber and Lyft are responsible for as much as 13.4 percent of all vehicle miles in the county of San Francisco. This was easily the highest in the counties of the cities studied. TNCs also represented a significant amount of VMTs in the urban areas of Boston (8 percent) and Washington D.C. (7.2 percent).

The ride-sharing company’s admittance of increasing congestion is an about face from their previous position that ride-sharing cuts down traffic. In the case of both Lyft and Uber, they immediately published blog posts to explain and defend themselves from this analysis.

Lyft and Uber’s Response

“The research shows that despite tremendous growth over the past decade, TNC use still pales in comparison to all other traffic,” Chris Pangilinan, Uber’s head of global policy for public transportation said via a blog post.

He also suggested that though TNCs are adding to an increase in congestion, that is was nothing compared to private cars and commercial vehicles.

Peter Day, head of policy research analytics at Lyft noted that, “Research has also found that the peak activity of rideshare trips take place outside of commute hours, such as nights and weekends.” He also mentioned in his blog post that ride-sharing eliminates a lot of impaired driving.

Mall shooting injures 2

Mall shooting injures 2

SAN FRANCISCO, California – Two suspects engaged a mall shooting. Additionally, the incident occurred on Tuesday night.

San Francisco Bay Area police are looking for the two suspects. Moreover, the shooting caused an evacuation. Furthermore, traffic surrounding the area stalled as investigators worked.

Specifically, the shooting occurred at Tanforan Mall.

Currently, officials believe that the shooters specifically targeted the two victims. Furthermore, San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said the shooting was not random. This statement occurred at a press conference.

Meanwhile, San Francisco General Hospital spokesperson Brent Andrew provided an update on the victims. He said one victim is in critical condition. However, the other is in serious condition.

San Bruno Fire Chief David Cresta added more information. He said that both victims experienced gunshot wounds to the lower extremities.

Authorities believe that the suspects might have fled the scene. Specifically, they could have fled on the public transit system Bay Area Rapid Transit.

Therefore, authorities shut down the Bay Area Rapid Transit station next to the mall for four hours. Furthermore, the service also closed a central station in Oakland for less than 30 minutes. The service tweeted this information.

Barberini added, “Any shooting is a tragic, silly, stupid event. When you do it in a shopping mall or any sort of area where there’s going to be a lot of people, shows a true disregard and it’s a senseless act.” 

Witness Jezabelle Catig, 20, works at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. She said she was told about the shooting and therefore instructed employees and customers to hide.

San Francisco woman arrested for hit-and-run

San Francisco woman arrested for hit-and-run

SAN FRANCISCO, California – A woman went on a hit-and-run rampage in San Francisco. Specifically, the incident occurred on Wednesday afternoon.

The San Francisco Police Department identified the suspect as 25-year-old Cherry Neal. The suspect injured multiple people. Furthermore, she damaged multiple vehicles.

Fortunately, officials apprehended Ms. Neal. Then, they gave her 24 charges. Additionally, these charges include:

  • Four counts felony Hit & Run involving injury
  • Three counts failing to stop at the scene of an accident with damage to property
  • Driving under the influence causing injury
  • Driving with suspended license
  • Theft of vehicle
  • Reckless driving causing injury
  • Three counts Assault with a deadly weapon 
  • Possession of stolen vehicle
  • Resisting arrest
  • Running a red light

However, these are just some of the charges the suspect is facing.

Initially, police officers attempted to stop the suspect’s vehicle. Moreover, officers believed she was driving a stolen vehicle. Then, the suspect drove off.

Specifically, she drove onto the sidewalk by the Tenderloin police station. Then, she ran into a street worker. Furthermore, she hit some scaffolding. Meanwhile, police attempted to stop her.

Additionally, the suspect continued to drive. The suspect collided with a pedestrian near Eddy and Taylor streets. Unfortunately, police officers reported that pedestrian sustained life-threatening injuries.

Officials said the suspect then hit two cars around Market and 5th streets.

Finally, the suspect hit a car at 6th and Clara. Then, the suspect finally stopped.

Police officers arrested the suspect there, and booked her into county jail.

According to jail records, the suspect is being held on $125,000 bail.

Pot Plants and Arrests Made in String of Raids

Pot Plants and Arrests Made in String of Raids

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Police collected over 3,000 pot plants and thousands of dollars in currency and two people charged in a string of raids in San Francisco’s Sunset district. The raids targeted an illegal grow operation in the area. Authorities announced the arrests on Tuesday.

According to the authorities, 38-year-old Stephen Pan and 41-year-old Qiong Chen were booked into the San Francisco County jail. Moreover, they charged each with four counts of illegal marijuana cultivation and conspiracy.

Armed with the appropriate search warrants the San Francisco Police Department stormed the illegal facilities on February 21st. Consequently, they raided multiple locations in and around San Francisco. However, most were in the Sunset District.

The contraband seized during the raids included 840 marijuana plants from the 200 block of 40th Avenue. Additionally, they nabbed 900 marijuana plants and 12 lbs. of wrapped marijuana in the 3400 block of Judah Street. In the 1900 block of 45th Avenue, they collected even more plants. In fact, they found exactly 1,237 plants and $11,000 in U.S. currency at this location. Finally, officers seized 435 marijuana plants from the 2500 block of Ocean Avenue.

Detectives say a total of 3,412 illegal marijuana plants were taken. They also claimed three cars used in the operation. Moreover, detectives noticed there were numerous fire code violations in the makeshift grow houses. Also, the financial data collected from the scene provided evidence of a money-laundering scheme. Consequently, this aided the ongoing criminal enterprise.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and they encourage anybody with tips to call the SFPD 24 hour tip line at (415)-575-4444. You are also welcome to text a tip to TIP411. You can remain anonymous.

One-Bedroom Rents Balloon to $3,700

One-Bedroom Rents Balloon to $3,700

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Already notorious for its ridiculously inflated rents, the San Francisco apartment market just went next level.

A just-released report from the rental website, Zumper, indicates the median rent for a one bedroom apartment has climbed to $3,690. This is about $100 dollars higher than January and exceeds the previous high of $3,650 which was set last September.

San Francisco’s average apartment rate is easily the highest in the nation. Prices for a one bedroom are approximately 30 percent more than the same in New York City. Even worse, it’s twice that of rents in Miami.

Zumper, the rental website, points out that rents were increasing in advance of several local tech companies filing for IPOs later this year. The website also notes that money is clearly flowing in the city. Still, it suggests that workers may not immediately buy homes but decide to spend their cash on travel and in upgrading their rental situation.

Outside the Bay area, San Jose’s average rent for a one-bedroom settled around $2,540 which puts them at 5th highest in the country. Oakland, on the other hand, came in at 9th most expensive with rents at $2,320.

Connie Garske, an executive search recruiter for Silicon Valley companies, ironically enough has explored moving out of San Francisco because of the soaring rent.

“I could even bump up the size of this place and move to the beach and have the kind of lifestyle, for less rent and easier lifestyle,” said Garske.

If you think the one-bedroom rents in San Francisco are off-the-charts, then don’t bother investigating the two-bedroom situation. These rents hover around a mind-blowing $4,630 per month.

Other notable Bay area one bedroom rents are Mountain View’s, which is a whopping $3,450 a month.

Couple Trapped in Snowy California Forest!

Couple Trapped in Snowy California Forest!

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After five unfortunate days of being trapped in an unlikely snow-filled California forest, some good Samaritans rescued a stranded couple.

Carlos Hernandez, twenty-one-years old, and his girlfriend Maria Herman-Kitami, eighteen years old, didn’t expect to get snowed in at Alder Springs. Alder Springs is a subsection of the Mendocino National Forest that usually doesn’t have a lot of snow.

The couple left for the camp ground on Monday and were supposed to return on Friday. On Saturday morning when the couple didn’t return, their family reported them missing.  

Unfortunately, a blizzard had hit the grounds the weekend before they had arrived and continued through the week. The conditions were worrisome.

It took multiple search crews to scour through the hazardous conditions. 

After a lot of searching, the team had found the couple. As it turns out, their Jeep was encased in snow. But the pair was quite resourceful. The couple stayed in the Jeep, wrapped in sleeping bags, to keep warm. Also, there was a sign on a nearby tree alerting anyone who came to look for them.

Those who saved the couple were relieved that they found them when they did. Jason Logan was one of the members of the search party who found the Jeep. He thought that if Kitami and Hernandez were there any longer, the Jeep would have been completely buried. It is unsure if the couple would have survived the storm for even a night longer.

Currently, the two are in good spirits and are safe in their homes in San Francisco.

The Giants Without Bumgarner?

The Giants Without Bumgarner?

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Giants may be trading their star pitcher, Madison Bumgarner. Although, at what cost?

With looking to trade their best pitcher, the Giants may be looking at a bad season. Bumgarner, the best pitcher on the Giants team, is looking at his other options. With trading such a great player, the Giants may not be as well off. Loyal San Francisco Giant’s fans have been upset with the prospect of trading in a great player. Bumgarner being traded would mean a not-so-great upcoming pitching season for the Giants.

 The only possible team that the Giants are looking to trade to, is the Milwaukee Brewers.

The trade isn’t a close, yet. The Brewers have had a great season but adding Bumgarner would mean the team would have to give up some of their own pitchers. As the Brewer team looks to the future, their pitchers are one of their top prospects and they are unsure of what is to come.

It’s also possible that the trade won’t even go down before the all-star break.

The Brewer’s are excited about the trade. Also, making their first appearance in the World Series since 1982, the team is looking forward to a good season.

New “Transgender District” Coming to San Francisco

New “Transgender District” Coming to San Francisco

In San Francisco, transgendered people will soon have a neighborhood to call their own. According to new reports, a “transgender district” is coming to town.

This comes after a time of opposition toward the transgender community throughout the country. Jane Kim, an SF supervisor representing part of the city’s Tenderloin district, spoke about the project.

She said: “The first transgender commemorative neighborhood in the nation’s history is well timed given the president’s attack on transgender people.” She spoke in favor of the creation of the district since 2017. Now, it seems it will come to fruition.

The new transgender district will also give assistance to transgendered individuals. How? In helping start businesses and offering job training to LGBTQ residents. Kim also stated: “We will have grants for small businesses and we need to be intentional to make the district an anti-displacement strategy.”

But, how will the district work? Taxpayer money – they have already received $215,000 from the city. This information comes from Clair Farley. She is the director of San Francisco’s Office of Transgender Initiatives. As a result of the November vote, this tax money comes to the district. Arts organizations are set to receive $3 million funneled into cultural districts.

This includes Calle 24: Latino Cultural District and the LGBTQ Leather Cultural District.

The name of this new district? According to The Daily Beast, they gave the district the name “Compton’s Transgender Cultural District.” Back in 1966, a dispute between police transgendered individuals and police occurred at a diner with the same name.

Essentially, things are changing in San Francisco… building of the community center for the district may begin in the near future.

This is Hard to Believe! San Francisco Church Allows Homeless to Sleep in the Church

This is Hard to Believe! San Francisco Church Allows Homeless to Sleep in the Church

San Francisco, California – This unique church has been giving shelter for the homeless people since 2004, in the framework of Gubbio project. Shelly Roder, a community activist,  started the project together with Louis Vitale of St. Boniface, who was the father back then.

Hundreds of homeless people are looking for a place  to spend a night. The benches serve them as a bed, and the blankets are provided by the church staff.

A post on Gubbio Project’s website says everyone is welcomed, respected and treated with dignity. When people walk into the churches, there are no entry barriers.

The church is open to the churchgoers every day, however, two-thirds of it is reserved for the Gubbio Project.

The church wants to spread the message that speaks loudly about the importance of not kicking out those who are poor, dirty or those with mental issues.

The Gubbio project did something that is not very common in the United States. Over the last years, the world has not been kind to homeless people.

Some kind people they got arrested for feeding homeless people in February 2018 in Wells Park, El Cajon, California.

Mr. Lane said they are criminalizing homelessness by making laws against the homeless. This Includes prohibiting camping, sleeping in cars, or feeding them.


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